The following is a recap of the presentation by Kevin Indig doing the 5 Hours of SEO Webinar. We could not fit every tip and statistic in the recap, so see them all, you can watch Kevin’s par of the webinar here.

In 2018, Ben Gomes from Google published a post on the 20th anniversary of Google about improving search for the next 20 years.  And it began setting the trend for what we are seeing in search today.

Quote from Google blog

Gomes mentioned Topic Layer “engineered to deeply understand a topic space and how interests can develop over time as familiarity and expertise grow.” It is similar to the knowledge graph but is targeting users’ interests, but as another dimension to the concept. 

Knowledge graph

Domain Analysis: Mobile and Desktop

Indig analyzed 1200 domains on both mobile and desktop from January 2018 through November 2019, using SEMrush data, specifically the SEMrush Traffic Analytics tool.  He was looking for trends between the data from 2018 and 2019.

One of the sites he analyzed was, a site that grew its traffic 50% from 2018 to 2019. But in what he says is a sign of a strong and healthy domain, is the fact Booking has 55% of their traffic coming from direct. They built the brand and retained those visitors by keeping them returning and within their ecosystem by encouraging signups or downloads with a strong incentive to do those types of actions.

Education Websites

Indig notes some interesting trends in mobile versus desktop when it comes to course (education) sites…

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