In response to the complex relationship between mental health issues and online content, YouTube is updating its approach to videos depicting eating disorders.

While YouTube has long removed content that glorifies or promotes eating disorders, it will now prohibit content featuring imitable behavior.

Such content may include videos showing or describing disordered eating behaviors, such as purging after eating or severely restricting calories, and weight-based bullying.

YouTube notes it will consider the context when evaluating nuanced content.

The company’s goal is to create a safe space for community, recovery, and resources while continuing to protect viewers from potential triggers.

Here’s more about YouTube’s policy changes.

Age Restrictions & Crisis Resource Panels

Videos focusing on eating disorder-related behaviors that other people can imitate are prohibited.

Videos centered on eating disorder recovery or providing sufficient educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic context (EDSA) may remain on YouTube.

However, these videos will receive an age restriction or a crisis resource panel.

Age restrictions will be applied to specific content, making it unavailable to viewers under 18.

YouTube’s age restriction approach for eating disorder-related videos was developed in consultation with third-party experts.

Collaborating With Mental Health Organizations

YouTube has partnered with experts from organizations like the National Eating Disorder Association…

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