YouTube Adds Real-Time Subscriber Counts in Channel Dashboards

YouTube is now letting creators see how many people subscribe to their channel with a new counter that updates in real-time.

This data has never before been available to channels through YouTube itself. Until today creators have relied on third-party tools to view current subscriber metrics.

Now this information is easily accessible in the Analytics tab of YouTube Studio on desktop. To view the data click on “see live count” in the real-time card to track what’s going on with subscriber numbers at any point in time.

With the launch of real-time subscribers in channel analytics, YouTube is fulfilling another long-standing creator request to provide historical data about subscribers.

Underneath the real-time count is a chart that shows a channel’s total subscriber counts over time.

Creators will now be able to answer questions such as: in what year did I reach 1,000 subscribers?

YouTube Studio is adding celebratory animations that will appear when channels hit subscriber milestones at 100, 1K, 10K, 100K, 1M, 10M, and 100M.

YouTube Adds Real-Time Subscriber Counts in Channel Dashboards

In addition to commemorating milestones, channels can use the historical data to measure their growth. For example, they can look up how many subscribers they had on this day last year and compare it to growth over previous years.


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This update to YouTube Studio is now available on desktop for all creators.

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