Rebekah Radice

We are back with more webinar questions our community needed to be answered. This time, we are focusing on social media questions related to:

  • Audience Building
  • Engagement Loss on Pinterest
  • Instagram Traffic
  • Hiring a Social Media Marketing Company
  • Non-profit Instagram Marketing Strategies

If you have any insights or recommendations regarding the questions and answers below, please add them in the comments. We would also like to thank Rebekah Radice, Alisa Meredith, Andrea D’Ottavio, Mike Allton, and Corey Walker for taking the time to answer the following questions.

What would be the best and fastest way to create an audience on social media without going into dark territories of buying leads and similar practices?

Rebekah Radice

Social Media and Marketing Performance Strategist, Host of #BrandAuthority Podcast

Building your social media audience begins and ends with attracting a targeted group of people. But not just any people, the right people. However, knowing who they are, where to find them, and how to attract them can be easier said than done.

So today, let’s talk through 4 quick steps that will help you:

  1. Analyze your channel strategy
  2. Find your ideal audience
  3. Create content they crave
  4. Engage, measure, rinse and repeat

… and all without a big budget!

So, where do you start? Believe it or not, building your social media audience in 2020 doesn’t have to be difficult. There is an easy 4-step process you can…

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