Your SEO Fire Drill Is Not Our Problem & You Don't Want It To Be

This is a bit of a self-serving post, but this is an SEO blog so that’s kind of baked into the cake anyhow.

I am not saying your SEO agency, or even your in-house SEO team, shouldn’t jump all over a site when it’s SEO is disintegrating in your hands. The team should have a process for prioritizing force majeures.

I am talking about new projects.

Here’s the scenario: A business is about to make a major architecture change to its site. It has taken months to get the org aligned on a plan, but they finally got everyone on board and it’s happening, exactly one and a half months from today. At some point, some gadfly had the temerity to ask in an all-hands meeting what the SEO plan was, and it dawned on the project owner that SEO had been, how shall we say, “overlooked.”

Through the magic of the social media, the project owner and her team leads quickly find themselves on a Zoom call with an SEO agency. The call goes well. The next step requested is for the agency to whip up a proposal to help them with the SEO plan so they can hit their release date.

This is the moment where said SEO agency has a choice. It can respond with a proposal to get started next week, even though it’s likely that the internal resources needed for this work are fully engaged on other projects so “getting started” will be mostly ceremonial, or it can respond with the proposal equivalent of bad-tasting medicine.

There are some SEO issues that can…

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