Yesterdays Gold 50-60-70s (25CD Box-Set) (1987) – SMG ##BEST##


Yesterdays Gold 50-60-70s (25CD Box-Set) (1987) – SMG

cgc 9.8 gold wire art covers – super exclusive limited edition

the same beautiful, classic cover design as the regular gold foil cards but a thicker, wire-like gold foil that is electro-chemical. this is the first ever 7-8 grade gold wire cover printed on a cd and is limited to only 25 copies in the entire world!

because the beatles were made in the u.k., the original a&r man in charge of all emi sales and distribution was brian epstein. he had the final say over which record label should release the beatles next single. he also arranged for the beatles to go on a world tour in 1965. this year marks the 50th anniversary of this show, which started at the tangerine bowl in liverpool on august 14. the final show of the tour was at shea stadium in new york, where the beatles played to a crowd of 100,000 on august 26. a modern super-fan could buy for less than $100 a copy of the beatles anthology or love in the sense that it has all the best songs on one disc. but if you have to have the box set, then this is the way to go for the ultimate ‘beatles collectible’.

5. the beatles yellow submarine (odeon ppcs 7070) 1969 $5,000

this is a rare beatles collectible. the yellow and blue striped cover makes this record stand out. the ppcs 7070 label is on the record as well as an odeon sticker on the back of the sleeve covering the apple logo. a mega-rare beatles collectible and thus worth $5,000.

4. please please me/ask me why (demo single, parlophone 45-r4983) 1963 $5,400

the beatles first single love me do reached #17 in the u. charts. for their follow-up single, please please me, there were another estimated 250 a label copies pressed up and sent to newspapers, magazines and radio stations. this was the last beatles single to feature a dedicated 45 prefix on the label, which has been used in the past to distinguish between 78rpm and 45rpm releases. although the last 78rpm record was released in the u. in 1960, beatles 10-inch 78rpm records were pressed up and released in india, argentina and columbia in the early to mid 60s.

3. golden discs 1964 $6,000

golden discs was intended to be the beatles fifth u. ep and feature all of their singles that had gone gold by 1964. although a test pressing was made on two discs and two sets of proof labels were also produced, this was as far as golden discs got, and the idea was scrapped. saying that, as there were a total of four eps released in 1964, including two from a hard days night, there was hardly a lack of product. the value of these test pressings is in the region of $6,000, and that does not include the labels

it has been several years now that i’ve been writing and i’ve kept a lot of the characters that i write about. i tend to revisit them in various ways, but i’m proud of the series because they represent my journey and the life i lead.
so the final group championship of the first half of the season is complete. the aspen gold is next. the peregrine games features the second half of the gold series this week. of course, at the end of each half of the season the top 4 will fight for gold in the double gold event of the gold series. i will cover the double gold tournament shortly after the tournament.
the first of ten nights will be underway in just a few days, and it’s going to be action packed with the opening day double dutch series. last night’s pairings were highlights from the opening rounds. great nights for billy bonds and ira hayes. unfortunately, good nights for some of the other folks too, but you can’t win them all.
in my next two months, i’ll be talking about the aspen gold and the peregrine games. for the 16 gold medals, a total of 64 medal winners will compete. with the entrants from the last 2 tournaments, it’s not hard to see that the usa will be dominant again.
my time to conquer the americas is only four weeks from now, but i can’t do it without you. i need help, both financially and in the fact of body and brain! i need to announce my amazon wish list. amazon has many ways to help out. not only can you help me through your amazon purchases, but you can also help me out by purchasing items from other stores.
what an absolute joke of a game. we had the us open in washington dc a week or so ago. all the semi final and final pairings were decided and then 3 russian participants (amputees, rosa, and boldina) had the nerve to ask to walk off of the court so that they could get medical treatment. they refused to return and walked out of the event. the federation fined them $200,000 and removed them from the us team. therefore, the us team now has 4 members and is as follows: greg fredericks, blake foster, brendan lee, and chris nybo.

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