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Python : Changing values in a list inside dictionary

I have a dictionary in python as follows :
s_user = {’email_id_1′: “test@test.com”,”email_id_2″: “test@test.com”
,’email_id_3′: “test@test.com”}

I need to change the value of the key email_id_3 to say 0.1 where 0.1 is a decimal value.
Tried the following but not able to change the value:
s_user = {’email_id_1′: “test@test.com”,”email_id_2″: “test@test.com”
,’email_id_3′: “test@test.com”}
s_user[’email_id_3′] = 0.1

In this case after execution, it updates the value to 0.0
How do I do that?


You can use the dict.update() function:
s_user = {’email_id_1′: “test@test.com”,”email_id_2″: “test@test.com”
,’email_id_3′: “test@test.com”}

s_user.update({“email_id_3”: “test@test.com”, “email_id_3”: 0.1})

This returns
{’email_id_1′: ‘test@test.com’,
’email_id_2′: ‘test@test.com’,


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