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Fullscreen System Recorder is a small utility that lets you record your desktop in Fullscreen at 50FPS high resolution!. Today, we are announcing v5.5.0, the latest update to the free version of Best Document Recovery, which adds. Overview of Wise Data Recovery v5.1.3. Search Wise Data Recovery : Internet Download Manager Wizard Data Recovery.Q:

Why do people from India constantly call Republicans as rednecks?

What’s the reason behind the silly stereotype that Republicans are rednecks?


There are lots of comments, I’m just copying some highlights (with no endorsement):

Republican politician from the early 90s [who] had no sense of humor

“What’s the difference between a Republican and a duck? A Republican will float.”

Republicans are ignorant

“If God wanted you to be ignorant, he wouldn’t have given you an education.”

Some Republicans are ignorant, but so are many Democrats

“There’s ignorance, then there’s wisdom, and then there’s ignorance that confuses wisdom with itself.”

Republicans don’t value education

“When a man turns his back on education, he leaves no culture but that of his oppressors.”

Republicans are extremists

“We are far ahead of the other counties in freedom and education. If there is a good county of the whole world, it is ours.”

But most of all, there’s the white, redneck, trailer-park, gun-owning, “Jesus loves us” (if white), Republican stereotype.
The rest are the same stereotypes that apply to some members of the Democratic Party and progressives.

In the US, and I think in most of the world, the Democrats and Republicans are the conservative and liberal parties respectively. People from those parties are seen as the other party, while people from the other party are seen as the other party. The origin of this is pretty well described here.


This is a fact and not a stereotype.
Do a google search for “the most educated cohort of Americans since the American Revolution”
You will find that Republicans are more educated than Democrats.
The reason is that it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. People will leave education because of the lack of jobs in their home town because local economies are hurting. That causes their home town to be


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