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Highly Compressed Build 10.0 64-bit – download (or) high quality video. Highly Compressed Build 10.0 64-bit. More information about this software can be found by clicking on the image or simply contacting us.
Cheap Build 10.0 64-bit / Win 8 SMP / Direct3D – high quality video. Highly Compressed Build 10.0 64-bit / Win 8 SMP. More information about this software can be found by clicking on the image or simply contacting us.//
// Created by luwei on 2018/1/6.


class ScanQrcode : public QWidget
explicit ScanQrcode(QWidget *parent = 0);
void setCode(const char *code);

QRect QRect::boundingRect() const;

public slots:
void onChanged(const QRect &rect);

QRect m_verticalRect;
QRect m_horizontalRect;
const char *m_code;


[Dabigatran – a new oral anticoagulant].
Non-vitamin-K-dependent oral direct thrombin inhibitor (NOAC) such as dabigatran has been developed to be an alternative to vitamin K antagonists. Dabigatran is a direct thrombin inhibitor: this means that it binds with high affinity and specificity, and that it does not require metabolization by liver. The inhibitor binds to thrombin, interfering with the function of the enzyme, which leads to the inhibition of the blood coagulation cascade. A rapid and long-acting effect is produced as a result of its direct inhibition of thrombin, without the need for any body receptor (the direct mechanism). The absence of the need for dosage adjustment and the reduction of the risk of bleeding after changes in haemostatic conditions have led to the possibility of treating patients, at the same dose, day and night. In


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Original SourceCarnivore Consciousness: ‘I Smell Like Death’ By Alex Gleason

When I close my eyes I see the blood, the pus, the broken pieces of teeth and bone, the stink and the taste of death. There are traces of my hair and skin, but not much. The odors and the heat are still here, the smells of my life. I’m lying in the slaughterhouse. They are lying in pieces on the floor.

The old mother hen, weak and sick, lies beside me. The birdie prances over me, treading on my face, until she is satisfied of my death, I can’t move. She flutters down to the blood and the bones. She is hungry.

A crow flaps in the dark. The sound of its wings beats in my ears. I start laughing. It is coming from within me. The crow caws and caws; it is becoming invisible. My white sides, my white feathers are disappearing and my father lies there – his blood and bones in the mud, his guns stolen. My mother lies on top of him. I know she is dead. The dog ignores me. He keeps on trying to get at the dead chicken.

At night a rooster crows and crows, and it is me crowing at him. I cackle at the starlight. Someone puts a gun to my head and the rooster crows again.

I’m lying on the floor of the slaughterhouse, my father is still lying there. The dog and the mother hen are still there, and the chicken is still dead. I’m laughing, crowing, and dying.// Copyright 2008, Google Inc.

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