You have the opportunity to help your ideal prospects with the problems they struggle with or the desires they’d like fulfilled.


Progress Guide: Try This


  1. Prepare a new 7-to-10-step tutorial for your audience.
  2. Craft each step into a stand-alone piece of content.
  3. Use the sequence to create an email autoresponder or enhance your existing one.

Once you have this new series, you can repurpose it into other types of content as well, such as podcast episodes or videos.

Ready to go deeper?

On Monday, Sonia Simone outlined The Betty Crocker Secret to Email Marketing that People Want. She expands on the value of creating the type of tutorial series I mentioned in this week’s Progress Guide.

If selling makes you feel uncomfortable, you’ll like this approach. You start by “selling” your terrific, free email autoresponder. It will build trust and rapport so that down the line you can fully explain all of the benefits of what you do.

On Tuesday, Brian Clark shared How to Make Your Writing Real. Great writing is the foundation of all content that connects, whether it’s on your blog or sent in email to your subscribers.

And on Wednesday, I talked about 5 Content Optimization Mistakes You’ll Wish You Fixed Sooner. Check this one out to improve your existing content and polish the resources you plan to publish next.

There’s also another exercise in Wednesday’s post that is perfect to set aside time for next week — talk with you then!

— Stefanie Flaxman
Editor-in-Chief, Copyblogger Media

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