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Why Your Marketing Department Needs a 360 Customer View

If you’re in the marketing world, chances are you’ve seen or heard of the term, ‘360 customer view,’ making a buzz. Suddenly, enterprise-level organizations are talking of customer personalization, aggregating data to build 360-degree views, and omnichannel interactions.

While all this sounds great, there is little information on how companies can actually achieve a 360 customer view. Also, how many marketers really understand what the term encompasses and what kind of work they would need to do to attain this goal.

With this piece, I hope to help marketers understand the term better, why it matters, and how you can make a 360 customer view a possibility.

Let’s dive in.

Understanding the challenges with customer data

A simple definition of a 360 customer view is, ‘aggregated data that can give you a complete picture of your customers.

As simple as this sounds in theory, it’s mostly an unattainable objective because of the very nature of data itself.

In a nutshell, customer data is inherently messy. No matter what controls you put in place, your data will always be flawed. The three big troublesome Ds of data that plagues every business is:  

  • Duplicate Data. This is the biggest problem companies have to face. There are literally 101 ways duplicates can be created. A customer entering conflicting information. A data entry operator entering the same information multiple times. A system error that results in data duplication. A CRM migration gone wrong. There is…

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