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Founder of the well-loved catchphrase, “meh, links!”, Gyi Tsakalakis is — as you might expect — a known advocate for local link building. Here, he explains why local links still hold value in 2020, and shares some of the best tactics for building a healthy backlink profile.

If you’re marketing a local business online, earning quality local links isn’t just good for local SEO, it’s good for business.

The idea that building local links is good for business is certainly not novel. Will Scott has been preaching about the power of Barnacle SEO for decades. 

Still, here in 2020, it seems to me that too many local businesses and their marketers don’t put enough emphasis on building links that have business value beyond SEO.

Building awareness is an often overlooked benefit of earning local links. When potential customers or clients begin the research and discovery phase of their journey, they are looking for answers, resources, education, data, opinions, and insights from sources they know, like, and/or trust. Earning links to your site/pages from these sources can be a remarkably effective way to get on their radar.

To me, the most obvious examples in this context are directories and review sites. Here’s an example for someone looking for the best place to buy meat in Chicago:

Acquiring local links from business directories and review sites is really ticket-to-entry local link building for awareness. In terms of deciding which sites to prioritize, start…

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