If you haven’t considered Pinterest Ads, you should definitely re-evaluate the potential of this channel. If you consider Pinterest as part of your core social ads presence and you don’t use Collections Pins, then you should pay attention to this post.

What is a Pinterest Collections Pin?

A collections pin is a pin format that only appears on mobile devices. It has two components. The first is a large primary image, known as a hero image. The second consists of three supporting images called secondary images, which appear below the hero image. Dynamic remarketing, video and GIFs are not supported at this time.

Here is an example I found during a recent search:

When you tap on the pin (or ad), you’re taken to a full screen experience with hero image still leading at the top with up to 24 secondary images below:

How Do I Create Pinterest Collections Ads?

To create an ad, you must create the organic pin first. You can find the step by step directions on how to do that here.

To add the collection pin to an ad group, you can filter for collections to find it easily. In the ads section, just click on the filter icon on the right and deselect everything except for Collections.

Select the pin you want to add and hit “Save edits”. You then have to go back in to edit the pin if you want to add tracking parameters or if you want to change the URLs for any reason. Check the box next to your pin and click Edit (don’t forget…

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