Here are a couple of interesting—terrifying?—statistics for ecommerce marketers:

The average click-through rate (CTR) for an ecommerce search ad on Google is just 2.69%. Facebook isn’t any better, with a 0.09% CTR across all industries.

But wait—it gets worse. Only 2.81% of people who click your Google ad will take an action (like buying something) when they land on your website.

That’s… not awesome. Just a handful of people who see your paid ad will click it, and only a tiny fraction of them will actually convert to a sale. There are some things you can do to optimize your ad clicks—write attention-grabbing copy, pack your slug with keywords—but you’re always gonna be at the mercy of Google and Facebook. (Algorithms!) As it becomes harder and harder to stand out against your online competition, it’ll be the ecommerce companies that make the most of each and every paid click that are most successful.

The good news is there’s one thing you have total control over: the destination URL of your ads. We want to talk about how you can get more sales outta those clicks you do get by sending your paid traffic to pre-cart landing pages.

What Are Pre-Cart Landing Pages (and Why Do I Need Them?)

Let’s pretend you own a brick-and-mortar sporting goods store and you’re running a promotion on commuter bikes. You put up a sign in your window advertising your two-wheeler discount, maybe send out some flyers, then wait for the roadies to show up.

And they do. But when…

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