Why Visual Search Will Surpass Voice Search in 2020 – Eric Enge // Perficient Digital

Episode Overview: Voice search is an intriguing, exciting component of the total search experience, but little data has been collected on its efficacy to accurately solve user search queries. As developers and search giants like Google continue to iterate and improve the voice search experience, visual search remains strong and continues to grow in popularity among users. Join host Ben as he concludes 2020 Predictions Month with Perficient Digital’s Eric Enge reviewing why image search is so appealing to users and discuss the various obstacles preventing progress with voice search.


  • Google image search remains one the most popular type of search query on Google, encompassing 20% of all user search queries according to data from Ira Fishkin.
  • A utility problem with voice search is users can ask questions, but don’t get call responses. It’s missing a natural conversation component that allows users to narrow down results using successive followup questions.
  • When optimizing for featured snippets, 98% of the benefit is attributed to showing up in web search results, whereas there’s only a 2% benefit to showing up in voice results.


Ben:                 Welcome back to 2020 Predictions Month on the Voices of Search podcast. I’m your host, Benjamin Shapiro, and this month we’re looking into the crystal ball to tell you SEO and content marketers what you can expect in 2020. Joining us again for SEO Predictions Month is…

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