Why the Best Writers (Sometimes) Aren’t Paid What They’re Worth

Maybe you don’t say it out loud. It sounds like bragging, and bragging is obnoxious.

But you know you’re good.

When you see a sentence that isn’t right, you know what needs to change. You twitch a little when you see a clumsy turn of phrase, or a sentence that doesn’t mean what the writer thinks it means.

You know that words are play. And work. And entertainment. And magic.

You know that they can be a weapon. And you know how to wield that weapon.

So why are you letting other writers have all of the success?

Did those successful writers, the ones earning a really good living as copywriters and content marketers, “sell out?” What does that even mean?

They get the kinds of gigs that make good money. And you’d like to think you could take those gigs as well. But the truth is you aren’t ready for them. Not quite.

You already know how to do the hard part — how to put the words together. Selecting them for their shades of meaning, and for their music.

But you’re missing the piece that people will pay good money for.

Clients don’t want to pay for poetry

It’s sad, but we have to face it.

Clients don’t have a budget for truth and beauty. They don’t have a budget for joy or delight.

They want results. They want customers who will buy what they have to sell.

What makes customers buy what they have to sell?

Truth. Beauty. Joy. Delight.

Clients don’t want to pay for poetry. But it’s poetry that gives them what they want.

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