Why SEO Matters for Law Firms

A 2017 study conducted by AccuRanker found the legal niche to be the most competitive when it comes to SEO.

After analyzing more than 300,000 SERPs across a wide range of industries, the study showed that law firms have the most barriers when it comes to generating traffic for their websites.

What this indicates is that not only is having an effective SEO strategy a necessity but that local SEO is especially important for attorneys and law firms.

Law firm SEO necessitates taking a tailored approach to traffic generation that considers the unique struggles lawyers face in attracting local clients.

In this guide, we’re covering why SEO matters for law firms and how lawyers can get started generating more traffic for their websites.

SEO Is One of the Best Lead Generation Strategies for Law Firms

Localized businesses (i.e., those that acquire clients or customers within a specific geographic location) need SEO to target users in their area.


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Since most law firms serve clients within their city, county, or state, they need local SEO to stay competitive with other local firms.

Through local SEO, law firms can target users within a geographical location, reducing the amount of competition compared to targeting at a national level.

They have a better chance of ranking for terms like “top personal injury lawyer in Los…

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