Why E-commerce Merchants Should Adopt It

Marketing efforts alone are not sufficient to ensure you are reaching customers.

Cross-device accessibility, especially on mobile phones and tablets, plays a major role in boosting the market presence of e-commerce companies. In fact, based on eMarketer estimates, Statista predicts significant growth in mobile e-commerce that may account for nearly 73% of e-commerce sales worldwide —  $3.5  trillion – in 2021.

The credit for this customer shift towards mobile e-commerce could well be given to highly functional and engaging mobile apps, or progressive web apps (PWAs). In this post, I will delve into what PWAs are, illustrate its benefits for e-commerce businesses with case studies of three popular websites, and discuss how you can implement this technology for your own e-commerce website.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps are highly responsive web apps designed for mobile platforms and can prove to be a great alternative to the ever-expanding number of native applications. PWAs allow for push notifications and sync with your personal details to render quality services, much like any iOS or Android app. 

What’s more, PWAs are independent of OS platforms. With the same application accommodated on both iOS and Android uniformly, PWAs save both the time and cost of developing a native application.

But does the lower cost of PWAs affect the customer experience in any way? Probably not. If you compare the Flipkart iOS/Android…

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