This video answers the questions

– are Ahrefs DR and Moz DA good link building metrics?
– which metrics should we use in link building?
– why are domain based metrics like DR and DA problematic and misleading?
– which more advanced link building metrics are there for options?
– what is the best possible way to verify links in link building?

Special features:
– Matt Cutts
– Steve Jobs
– Marcus Tandler

Thanks for inspiration to:
– Bibi Lauri Raven
– Tim
– Marcus Pentzek
– Bill Hartzer
– Mike Milas
– Steven Kang
– Brent D. Payne
– Barry Schwartz
– and all others I engaged with the last 48 hours on links

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So I had a simple drawing about how to measure links for link building.

Then I decided to add some context and examples. The result is this video.

Enjoy, Christoph C. Cemper


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