Hi, i’m upgrading my way of working, i will take an expert in google ads to be associate in my company because it’s very important to upgrade our game now.

I’m looking for a good call tracking solution with our google ads campaigns, through our landing pages (unbounce). Our campaigns run in Switzerland, soon france, spain etc.

I’m using right now Ringover.com but they don’t offer call tracking. It’s a shame because I like this solution and it’s already implemented.

I saw www.calltrackingmetrics.com it seems to be the solution I would try because they put in front of their ads the fact to track with google ads, have an app for android and iphones and they are on zapier and also offer local numbers in many countries. A lot of solutions offer only in the US.

Could you please help me ? it’s really important to implement at the first time the best solution for my needs. I’m going to expand my work into other countries, and I like to have an app to receive calls from phones.

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