This post is not going to be about areas of your account to improve. 

I’m sure your keyword list is on point, your ad copy wonderfully crafted, your bids perfectly calculated, and so on. 

Instead, I want to talk about a few key areas that greatly impact your PPC campaigns but are notably outside the advertising platforms. The items below are things that your PPC agency or campaign manager might not be in control of, but the attention to detail in these areas can have a big impact on their job performance. 

If these areas are doing well, the PPC team will be seen as heroes. If these areas are struggling, the PPC team has, at best, an uphill battle on their hands. At worst, it could be near impossible to meet your marketing goals with these things hampering their success. 

So with that in mind, here are four aspects of online marketing that greatly impact PPC campaigns that you should be paying attention to if you want your campaigns to succeed. 

Ad Creative

Ad creative is likely the first impression (pun not intended..ok maybe a little) someone will have of your brand. It’s where they’ll form their initial opinions of you.  

What message are you sending them? Positive, negative?

Are you focusing on their needs or your offers? 

Did you include a call to action? 

Are you standing out from the crowd? 

Did you make an impact? 

Did they even see your ad or did they scroll past? 

Granted, it’s hard to accomplish…

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