Where to Start When Evaluating Your SEO Performance

Episode Overview: SEO can get complicated, no matter how many years of experience you might have working with it. When an expert gets stuck on how to best optimize for SEO, it’s best to turn toward another SEO expert who can provide fresh insights. Join host Ben as he reviews a case study of his own MarTech podcast with Searchmetrics’ SEO Strategist and Advisor Jordan Koene to talk strategy about how to best optimize and grow organic traffic.


  • A great place to get started with SEO optimizations is Google Search Console. It provides detailed insights on speed scores and metrics for both mobile and desktop experiences.
  • Multiple elements in a webpage could be the culprit behind slow site speeds. It’s also important to investigate your system infrastructure or compare providers to identify slow downs and who has better speed offers.
  • Although mass industry consensus agrees Google doesn’t prioritize backlinks as much as they used to, they still have benefits for net new domains.


Ben:                  Welcome to the Voices of Search podcast. I’m your host, Benjamin Shapiro and today we’re going to be going over an SEO case study talking about the strategy for understanding what you should be optimizing to grow your organic traffic.

Ben:                  Joining me today is Jordan Koene, who is an SEO strategist and advisor for Searchmetrics. Okay. On with the show, here’s my case study with Jordan Koene, SEO…

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