SEO is always evolving and changing. It’s never been more important to stay on top of SEO, to make sure you have optimized your site and content to gain the most traffic from search engines.

However, the problem many people face is with where to start, and with what to prioritize your efforts on. With this, here are some key components to SEO that are worth looking into, especially for 2021.


Core Web Vitals

It is wide news that Google is bringing an algorithm update to their search engine, which incorporates core web vitals as a ranking factor.

What this means is that it is not just about the content, domain authority, and typical SEO factors that influence ranking. It is also the website’s speed and stability.

You can view your website’s core web vitals directly in Google search console, so you can work on fixing such issues (if you have any). You can also check using Pagespeed insights, too.

Core web vitals are going to make a difference in search rankings. In terms of how much, it is still unknown. The most common conclusion is that if there are two websites with similar content, core web vitals will become the deciding factor as to who ranks above the other.



Schema is the code that tells Google and other search engines what your content is about. It makes no difference to the web user, but all the difference to search engines. By using schema, you enable your webpage to have rich features on search engines, such as images, FAQs, rich snippets, and…

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