This blog could have easily been called, “Where Does Inbound Fit into Your ABM strategy?” If you are solely focused on inbound, you may not be giving your high-priority leads the attention they need. If you focus solely on an ABM strategy, then you miss out on nurturing prospects who would make great customers but don’t fit the criteria for one of your tiers.

It may not even be a matter of fitting one strategy into the other, as it is using a combination of strategies to make your marketing strategies beneficial for your organization.

Thus, the creation of account-based inbound marketing (can I trademark that?).

Now, let’s say, for the purpose of this blog, that you have been running an inbound campaign and want to give ABM a try (pro tip: you should). Keep reading to learn how to build an account-based marketing plan that can fit easily into your inbound strategy. First, ask:

Is Sales and Marketing Alignment Happening?

I would argue that any marketing strategy is more effective when the marketing and sales teams work hand in hand, meeting often to discuss what’s working and what’s not working. However, it’s all too easy to execute an inbound marketing strategy without that cross-team communication.

With ABM, sales and marketing alignment becomes even more important. ABM requires a continuous feedback loop to be happening between these teams because they are both targeting the same ideal customer profiles (ICPs) with information and outreach.

How Does Your ICP…

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