What’s the One Skill that Separates Well-Paid Freelance Writers from Those Who Struggle?

Everyone loves the part of the hero’s journey where our protagonist accepts the “call to adventure” and “crosses the threshold” from “the ordinary world” into “the extraordinary world.”

It’s engaging. It’s hopeful. It pushes the plot forward.

But we can’t forget about the challenges and struggles that come next.

For new freelance writers:

You may have started off with a couple of great clients, but now you have to turn your passion into a sustainable writing business.

So, what’s the skill that enables a terrific content marketer and copywriter to offer premium services?

Time management

Before you click away, disappointed that I brought up something as practical and boring as time management, hear me out. My intent is not to poop on your party.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

When our freelance-writer heroes accept calls to adventure to cross over into the extraordinary world, they still need to be equipped with the real-world abilities that make their service businesses possible.

And part of that transformation involves balancing client work with their own marketing and marketing education.

Time management is the core of your strong business and content strategy, because how you spend your time directly affects the:

  • Health of your business
  • Types of clients you attract
  • Value you have to offer those clients

You don’t get anointed a freelance writer and then get to sit back and eat bonbons while clients who pay competitive rates flock to…

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