WordPress hosting is a huge topic of conversation on the internet, mainly due to the significance it can have to the success of a website. If you choose the right hosting provider, not only will you see great improvements to the reliability and performance of your website, you should be able to gain much better SEO too.

However, when it comes to choosing the right server, it can be quite a challenge, A/B testing and deciding which is best for you. I previously use to look at reviews on the internet, such as Matthew Woodward’s hosting testing. However, I see flaws in such testing which makes me question the results of some of the tests. For this reason, sometimes it is good to see what each host provides.

On that note, I have actually (and continually) compared the top 15 WordPress hosting to see who is the best, although my results are not finalized. But, from doing this test, here are the main pointers you should take into consideration when choosing hosting.



One of the most important elements to WordPress hosting is speed. You want to make sure that the speed of your website is as quick as possible, since the speed is directly linked to UX, SEO and many more factors.

Already, just from comparing the top 15 WordPress hosts, I’ve noticed differences in speed of up to 2 seconds, making clear that there is quite a discrepancy between the best and worst hosts.



Whilst you want speed, you want to make sure the speed is reliable too.

For example,…

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