What Should My Agency Be Charging for Local SEO?

Advance Your Agency is a BrightLocal series designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and advice necessary to take your agency operations to the next level. 

This month we focus on pricing, something that can be a thorny and difficult issue for all kinds of agencies.



One of the most common questions we get at BrightLocal is ‘how much should I charge for local SEO?’

It comes from fresh-faced SEOs dipping their toes into the local space and experienced consultants alike, and the answer is never a simple one.

While I’d love to be able to say: “It’s $500 a month – that’s what everyone charges,” and grab a neat featured snippet for my time, the fact is that the answer is the same as it is for many SEO questions:

It depends.

Still with me? Haven’t bolted grumpily out the door after not getting the clear-cut answer you wanted? Great, you’ve probably got what it takes to develop a considered and appealing pricing plan that will better pit you against your competitors and give you the edge when compiling pitches.

Before we go on to how to decide what to charge, though, let’s talk about when to charge…

Retainers vs Project Work vs Daily/Hourly Rate

The first question to answer is whether the work you’re pitching for is going to be on a retainer, a piece of project work, or paid for by the hour or day. I’ve defined these below, and provided thoughts on who they’re most suited to.


A regular (usually monthly)…

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