1 ahrefs blog organic traffic growth

SEO writing is the process of researching, outlining, creating, and optimizing content to rank for a target keyword in Google and other search engines.

Google’s success depends on delivering content that answers people’s queries in the most relevant way possible. If you want it to be your content that people see, ‘sprinkling on some SEO’ as an afterthought won’t take you far. Instead, you need to bake SEO into your content writing process right from the start.

This guide covers:

There’s a lot of content out there that never gets seen because it doesn’t rank, and therefore it never gets the chance to educate, help, impress, and convert anyone (plus, it fails to reflect positively on you, the person who wrote it).

In contrast, writing with SEO in mind helps you earn organic traffic and bring qualified readers and potential customers to your website.

For example, the Ahrefs team spent the last 5 years growing the blog from ~5,000 to ~555,000 organic monthly visits. This content ranks and drives targeted traffic to the site, where potential customers can learn about using Ahrefs to grow their traffic and business. Eventually, some of them will take action by signing up.

1 ahrefs blog organic traffic growth

Traffic growth to the Ahrefs Blog. Data from Ahrefs’ Site Explorer.

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