What is outbound marketing: from Funnel to Flywheel

To understand Outbound Marketing, we’ll start by looking at how it’s different from Inbound Marketing. And, we will enrich this explanation by looking at a fundamental distinguishing factor through the lens of the Sales Funnel and the Flywheel. 

A consolidated practice, based on experience of use rather than theorization, identifies Outbound Marketing starting from its difference with Inbound Marketing: a constitutive, structural difference, which finds its root in the same conditions of existence of the two methodologies (the economic and cultural context of development; the panorama of available communication technologies; the anthropological profile of consumers – better: profiles – in constant, almost unpredictable evolution).

In this article, we will not shirk from the historical descriptions and we will start from the fundamental difference between these two types of marketing, but we will enrich the explanation through another fundamental distinction, the one between Sales Funnel and Flywheel


Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing: Permission vs. Interruption  

When we talk about Outbound Marketing, we’re referring to marketing actions that a company uses to start a conversation with an audience. In the best-case scenario, messages are created that “interrupt” the listener. This could include traditional forms of marketing and advertising such as television commercials, radio advertisements, printed advertisements (newspaper ads,…

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