What Is Google Shopping, and How Does it Work?

Do you have an online store that you’re looking to grow?

Maybe you have only one sale per day and want ten? Or perhaps you have one thousand orders per day and want to multiply it by 10?

Whatever your goal is, stick around—I am going to break down one of the most influential and successful paid platforms for e-commerce stores.

Welcome to the world of Google Shopping.

What Is Google Shopping?

First things first—we need to cover the basics of Google Shopping and what it is exactly.

Google Shopping allows the consumer to view paid ads that feature your products on the Google Search platform.

It also provides a specific placement found on the Google Advertising platform, primarily shown through Google Search.

In the image below, you’ll see an example of the Google Shopping section from search results.

While most of the time you’ll find Google Shopping placements above your traditional text ads, they sometimes appear to the right of the text ads.

There is also a Shopping tab below the search bar, which shows both paid (sponsored) and free (organic) listings.

Google Shopping is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to driving new online revenue for your store.

In fact, Google Shopping ads now drive 76.4% of retail searches and win over 85% of all clicks!

Once a user sees the Shopping ads and clicks on them, they’re taken directly to the product page.

In the example below, I clicked on the Apple product I was…

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