GMB Direct Edit Experience Example

Ben Fisher is a Platinum Product Expert for Google My Business. He’s a master of the spam redressal form, is always on top of the latest news, and loves to share his knowledge with others. Here, he explains the new ‘Direct Edit’ feature in Google My Business, or, as he’s calling it, the Transparent Merchant Experience.

In 2017, Google My Business (GMB) launched the ability to update your business information, make posts, upload photos, see how many views you have received, and more, within SERPs. The blog post they released was then titled ‘Manage your business listing without leaving Google Search.’

Now fast forward to 2020, and they have upgraded the experience in a blog post titled ‘Update your Business Profile on Google Maps and Search‘. See the difference there?

The main change is how Google says what a knowledge panel is now. As of 2020, it is no longer a business “listing”, it is a business “profile”.

What is the goal of GMB Direct Edit?

The goal is to meet merchants’ expectations and not force them into using GMB web or GMB app, and therefore keep them on Google Search, as this is where these merchants want to engage with their business profiles. 

The product, Google has found based on its feedback from merchants, is the business profile, not GMB web or GMB app. 

This is because 90% of Google accounts have between one and three GMB profiles. Merchants see that this is what people are using and brings them customers: a business…

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