Local Citations Trust Report

Chapter 3: 14 Ways to Succeed with Google My Business

Simply having a Google My Business listing isn’t enough to succeed in local search, especially as they’re so common nowadays. But that’s a good thing: the more levers you can pull in Google My Business to get ahead of your competitors, who may not be using GMB to the fullest, the better!

In order for Google My Business to have a real impact on your rankings and conversions, you’ll need to make the most of its variety of features and ensure your GMB is fully optimized to provide the best possible information, impression, and experience to your potential customers.

In this chapter, I’ll talk you through the most important Google My Business features, and explain how you can use these features to succeed in search.

1. Make sure your NAP is accurate

Let’s begin with the basics. For your Google My Business to do well with search engines and searchers, you’ll need your NAP (name, address, and phone number) to be accurate. By accurate, I mean that it should reflect what your business is actually called. What name is printed on your signage, business cards, or website? That’s what you should be using!

If your NAP isn’t accurate across GMB, in-store, and on-site, you could confuse consumers. According to the Local Citations Trust Report, more than 9 in 10 consumers say they are frustrated by incorrect information online. 

2. Write the perfect business description

In your Google My Business listing,…

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