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Content writing is the process of researching, planning, writing, editing, and publishing content for the web. It might be a blog post, video script, sales page—anything that gets published online.

At Ahrefs, we write a lot of content. We have over 230 blog posts, and over 170 videos on our YouTube channel (almost all of which are scripted).

As a result, we get an estimated 724,000+ monthly visits to our blog from Google alone:

ahrefs google search console

And 350,000+ monthly views on YouTube:

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In this post, we’ll cover some simple content writing tips that have helped us achieve these numbers, which you can apply to your own content.

  1. Write about topics people are searching for
  2. Create the right kind of content for your target keyword
  3. Create a data-driven outline
  4. Make your content link-worthy
  5. Craft a captivating headline
  6. Kickstart your intro with the AIDA formula
  7. Make your post easy to read
  8. Write how you talk
  9. Add transitional phrases
  10. Get feedback on your writing
  11. Keep a commonplace book

1. Write about topics people are searching for

When it comes to blogging, most people write about topics that excite them. While that’s fine and dandy, these posts often have short shelf lives.

They might get a boost in traffic after promoting it to their friends and network (“spike of hope”), but that quickly degenerates (“flatline of nope”) once interest wanes.

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To fix this, you should write content about topics that people are searching for. For as long as your article ranks in Google for relevant and popular search…

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