What Is Brand Preference And How Do You Build It?

By Samuel Thimothy, VP at OneIMS.com, an inbound marketing agency, and co-founded Clickx.io, the digital marketing intelligence platform. 

Most everyone has a brand that we always choose over its competitors. We reach for Coke instead of Pepsi, Apple instead of Android, Starbucks instead of Dunkin. We’re loyal to our favorite brands — we’ve developed a clear brand preference. 

What is brand preference, and why is it important?

When a customer chooses one brand over another consistently, this is called their brand preference. In other words, they have gotten familiar with the competitors, maybe even tried a few products from different brands, and made a choice that they like this brand the best.

Brand preference goes hand in hand with brand loyalty. When faced with the decision, customers with brand preference will choose your brand every time. This kind of repeat business leads to customer loyalty and brand advocates, in turn helping you create a successful and sustainable business. 

How To Create Brand Preference

Brand preference, like brand loyalty, won’t build up overnight. It’s developed over time and with product and brand consistency. Although there are no silver bullets to build brand preference quickly, there are some things you can do to help develop it.

Create appealing branding.

Your company’s brand is your first introduction to customers — and the thing they’re most likely to remember. An…

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