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You already know what B2B influencer marketing is. It is “the practice of a B2B brand engaging internal and industry experts with active networks to help achieve measurable business goals.”

But how is that changing in 2020 with social media distrust, the spread of misinformation, advertising regulations, and more?

B2B influencer marketing in 2020 has seen new challenges arise, requiring a shift in approach. From trust to transparency to accessibility, 2020 is set to be a transformative year for influencer marketing programs.

What is B2B influencer marketing in 2020 and how is it changing? We share the answers with you below.

In 2020, B2B influencer marketing is… niche and targeted.

That big-name influencer you’ve been working so hard to grab? You might want to pivot to a smaller, more niche expert.

A whopping 70% of millennials prefer endorsements or sponsorships from non-celebrity influencers. Of course, exceptions exist, but bigger isn’t always better. In our experience, an influencer with a smaller, more engaged audience is much more valuable than an influencer with a large, disconnected following.

It is for that reason that it is of paramount importance that you select the right influencers for the job. Even if that means rolling out a campaign with fewer influencers or passing on a big name in your space. The more niche and targeted you can be with your influencers, the better. The research shows that audiences prefer hearing from lesser-known, “hidden…

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