If you’ve found your way to this blog post, you’re likely like me in the sense that you’re curious about Google’s audiences and how they’re created. The exact algorithm which Google uses to create audience lists is a heavily guarded secret, much like the recipe of Coca-Cola and Colonel Sander’s Original KFC recipe.

Personally, I’m fascinated by the fact that Google can take audience lists, like custom match lists, for example, and use those to create “similar to” audience lists, allowing us advertisers to reach potential customers who may have never interacted with our brand before.

While I may not be able to provide you with an exact answer as to how Google determines audiences, I hope to provide you with some insights into Google audiences, as well as some actionable takeaways on how to use the audience lists Google provides you.

What is a Google Audience and Where Do You Find Them?

Where to Find Them

Before digging into the ‘behind the scenes’ audience stuff, allow me to take a moment to touch on the different types of Google audiences and where you’ll find them.

In order to effectively use audiences, you need to be aware of how to find them. You’ll find all of your audiences in the Audience Manager in your shared library. In there, even if it’s your first time there, you’ll find your audiences (Google automatically creates some basic remarketing lists for you), as well as the type of audience it is.

audience manager

Furthermore, you’ll be able to see the size…

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