Engagement Layer

Active Sync is here, and with it, the local listings management game has changed for good.

We’re thrilled to announce the full launch of Active Sync and unveil the first-of-its-kind hybrid listings management solution.

This is a significant moment for us, and our customers, and we’ve had an interesting journey to get here. Before we dive into what Active Sync is and how it can help you manage listings more effectively, let’s start by taking a look at the local listings landscape.

Shift Happens

Over the past decade, the local listing landscape has undergone a significant transformation. Previously, consumers used hundreds of sites to discover local businesses. But now, just a few major players dominate consumer engagement.

Our research shows that Google, Bing, Apple, and Facebook account for 92% of online engagement with local businesses. That’s quite a seismic shift.

All that seismic activity meant the local listings landscape split into two distinct layers. We have dubbed them the Engagement Layer and the Authority Layer.

A New Listings Landscape

The Engagement Layer is made up of Google, Bing, Apple, Facebook, and the places these publishers push their data. They’re your primary digital storefronts where customers discover, evaluate, and engage with your brand.


Engagement Layer


The Authority Layer comprises hundreds of listing sites that still exist on the web today, including Manta, Merchant Circle, Hotfrog, and Superpages, among others. While customers rarely visit…

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