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Using or in the html tag

In general when should the html tag be used. I have seen tag used several times and it seems like it is confusing.
What is the point of using this tag?


The p tag is a paragraph element. It has nothing to do with or tags or any other tags.
It is not meant to be used as an element. It is supposed to be used for wrapping around content.
A popular usage is to wrap a heading with your page so that it appears right in the middle of the page.
My Heading

Another use is to wrap some of your content. Like you said it can be confusing.
my good looking website
second paragraph

As far as the style tag is concerned it’s simply another way to add style to an HTML document.
hello world

Those are the most common uses.


The HTML tag doesn’t define the type of element you’re using.
is only one type of element, and defines content in paragraph format.
The other type of element is , which defines the type of element you’re using and what it represents. For example:

would return:

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960 So.2d 343 (2007)
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No. 1D06-4877.
District Court of Appeal of Florida, First District.
April 4, 2007.
Rehearing Denied May 31, 2007.
*344 Bill McCollum, Attorney General, and Tricia K. Adams, Assistant Attorney General, Tallahassee, for Appellant.
Joe Thomas Butler and Susan Blasfield, Tallahassee, for Appellee.
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