It’s 2020. The ordinary ways we do things have been disrupted left and right, up and down. Circumstances have forced many businesses to shift their brick-and-mortar operations and real-world activities online. 

So it’s fair for a marketer to ask:

“Is now a good time to be running webinars?

The short answer is, now’s a great time.

Marketing departments are slashing their networking budgets. In some places, gatherings like conferences and workshops won’t be in the cards for quite a while. Some of us are still in lockdown, with little to do but binge-watch crime documentaries on Netflix. And others are busy looking for new ways to level up their skills. 

The result? If anything, webinars are only going to blow up. 

If you’re hungry for an opportunity to take a bit of that attention away from Netflix, let’s look at what holding online events can do for your business and how you can create webinar landing pages that turn visitors into registrants.

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What can a webinar do for my business?

It’s no secret that savvy marketers and businesses love running webinars. After all, they can be an easy way to achieve multiple goals:

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