We Asked the Experts: How Do You Measure the Success of a...

We Asked the Experts: How Do You Measure the Success of a Local SEO Campaign?


We Asked the Experts is a brand-new series designed to provide you with the most relevant insights from local search experts. Each month we’ll cover a different question and share insights from key figures in the local SEO community in an effort to help you further your knowledge and strategy.

This month we’re tackling local SEO campaigns and, more specifically, how to measure the success of them.

We asked ten local SEO experts, when all’s said and done – reviews have been generated, citations built, and GMB listings optimized – how do you know whether what you’ve done has actually worked?

Below, we’ve compiled the very best insights to help you understand the most effective way to report back to clients – including what metrics to cover and more. Plus, at the end of this article, you’ll find a whole host of resources to help you do things just like the experts.

Read on to benefit from the unique tips, tricks, and opinions of local SEO pros, from quick snackable knowledge morsels to in-depth analysis.

How do you measure the success of a local SEO campaign?

Greg Gifford (VP of Search, SearchLab)

We track rankings internally, but we never share these with clients. Rankings don’t mean squat to a business’s bottom line. Everything we do is focused on ROI, which means the only way to truly judge success is that the client’s site gets more organic visitors and more organic leads. Typically, we see an increase in leads from other sources, since the…

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