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Train Simulator is the definitive simulation of British heritage railways, covering five iconic lines and commanding a fleet of historic and unique rolling stock. Driver’s licenses can be earned and gained through playing the game. You can also purchase a team of train drivers, like a bus driver’s licence, and train your team of the driver of the day through the main game.
Train Simulator is the home of train collecting and to help you on your way, you can collect more than 40 different items from the Railway Journal and to dress your company in its best livery.
If the journeys through the many iconic locations are not enough, you can also re-create your own journeys in the Quick Drive mode, although carefully!
If you are a local or would like to share your passion for the railway with friends and family, you can also find your local train simulator club online. Join these and become part of the local community.
Dovetail Games – train simulation pioneer, born in 2004.
After enjoying the great things to do and places to go in Great Britain, it was time to go back and tell the world! So in 2004 Dovetail Games made history by being the first to bring all of Britain’s railways to the computer screen. Train Simulator was born.
And we’re still on that great British journey today.
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“Zeno Clash 2” is an enhanced sequel to the hit platformer from developers Drinkbox Studios. The sequel draws heavily on the Unreal Engine 4 and will support both PC and Mac systems. The game also runs natively on both Macs and Windows, using Havok Physics for the ground.
“Zeno Clash 2” features a unique and challenging single-player adventure where players can travel to fantastical worlds and solve puzzles that require a mix of action and platforming. The game’s plot unfolds through in-depth dialogue using the game’s multiple branches, as players travel through various cities and gain access to new weapons and items that allow them to solve the puzzles at hand. “Zeno Clash 2” also features a bestiary of unique and unpredictable creatures, which can be encountered throughout the game.
Players will be able to play as Kass or Nyx and progress through a unique storyline. Players will be able to control Kass and Nyx in a first-person perspective, with the game taking place in a wide range of stunning environments. Players will also be able to explore


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    This is a GF2: 2.2-4GHz, microSD memory card, 5 hours battery life, 16MB
    internal memory, 12.1-inch, 4:3 ratio screen, ZUNE, Microsoft Natural
    Speaking voice recognition, and more…”>
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