Fili Wiese

After years and years of knowing Fili Wiese, the two of us sat down one-on-one to discuss SEO. Fili Wiese is most well known for his work at a Googler, working with Google Search Quality in 2007 and stayed with the company for almost seven years. He then left Google to do SEO and is now full time at with another former Googler Kaspar Szymanski. Yea, interesting…

Here are the timestamps for the sections of this talk:

  • 2:20 – Google Search Quality Analyst
  • 6:22 – How Google Manually Penalizes Web Sites
  • 7:32 – Becoming An SEO Consultant
  • 11:16 – Google Penalties & Manual Actions
  • 19:10 – Disavow Link Tool & Nofollow

He had a web hosting company in the early days, this was before Google was big. He then left that company and joined Google in 2005 because he had a passion for coding and information retrieval. We briefly talked about how librarians see search and how that is unique. He joined the search quality team early one, when it was first being formed. We briefly discussed how the organization structured worked back then between Matt Cutts’ team, search quality team and the webmaster trends team. He worked mostly with organic search quality and then spend a bit of time with the ad team to work on quality there, specifically working on invalid clicks.

Fili personally penalized over hundreds of thousands of web sites over his tenure at Google. He discussed the different methods used to issue and find penalties. Also, he said there is…

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