Useful Metrics for Chief Marketing Officers to Measure SEO Success

Episode Overview: SEO success can be measured by a multitude of different metrics but knowing which ones are right for your business and goals pose a particular challenge. Join Ben as he concludes CMO Week with Searchmetrics’ Chief Marketing Officer Doug Bell reviewing which KPIs CMOs should utilize to create success in their marketing strategies.


  • A key metric to begin measuring success is SEO visibility to examine how your company or brand fares against competitor performance.
  • The next metric to analyze is how many unique users visit your website and whether they’re converting to leads.
  • Metrics to evaluate nurture campaigns are slightly different depending on the buyer. They’re a mix of user visits, determining if they’ve consumed evergreen content, etc.


Ben:                 Welcome to SEO for CMOs week on the Voices of Search podcast. I’m your host Benjamin Shapiro and this week we’re going to publish an episode every day covering what the head of your marketing department needs to know about SEO.

Ben:                 Joining us for the last time for SEO for CMOs week is Doug Bell, who’s the chief marketing officer at Searchmetrics, which is an SEO and content marketing platform that helps enterprise scale businesses monitor their online presence and make data-driven decisions. And today Doug and I are going to wrap up SEO for CMO week by talking about the KPIs for measuring SEO…

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