CWV Table

Analysis by: Rachel Anderson – Director of Web Intelligence 

In June 2021, I analyzed the web performance of location pages managed by the top location provider brands. Since that article was published several important events have happened:

With all these shakeups and assurances, I thought rerunning our analysis would be valuable (and fun!). If you haven’t read the original article, you should check that out first.

But Why Though? 

Often when working with multi-location brands I get questions about which location provider offers the best services. Now that Core Web Vitals are a ranking factor, it’s important to keep performance scores in mind when choosing a location page provider. Of course, CWVs are only one of many ranking factors, so this shouldn’t be the only SEO consideration when choosing a provider. The intention of my research is to help brands understand what they should be looking for from a performance standpoint when choosing how to manage their location pages.


I began with the list of domains and URLs that were analyzed in June 2021. Additional domains for Uberall and Momentfeed were added to the analysis, based on recommendations from Uberall and Momentfeed representatives. I took up to 100 location pages (unique URLs) from each site and ran them through LightHouse, which simulates a Poor 4G mobile connection. I then analyzed each of the providers for average CLS, LCP, and TBT (using LightHouse…

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