Upcoming September 24th! AMA with Bryony Pearce, Head of Content at

Bryony Pearce is the Head of Content at PMA and she’s been working with words since she graduated from university. She joined Product Marketing Alliance just a couple of months after its inception and since joining, has seen its community grow to 11,000+ members (at the time of writing), web traffic consistently hit six digits month in, month out, and has been at the centre of several integral releases and programs – including certification, memberships, festivals, podcasts, and more.

Before joining PMA, Bryony dabbled on the freelance side of life where she’d create copy for brands worldwide and grew her consultancy to a three-person strong business. 

She now manages a team of four – soon to be five – copywriters and is that centre of everything from paid-for products, reports, blogs, books and social, to webcasts, videos, podcasts, PR and SEO.

You can ask her anything about:

– Building strategic content plans

– Making data-driven decisions

– Creating and managing content teams

– Understanding your audience

– Proving the value of content

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