With Covid and all the shifts we have seen, we all know that online shopping has exploded. Facebook is working to keep up with the trends. While other channels have a stronger hold for everyday purchases, their presence isn’t as strong at the discovery phase. Facebook is looking to deepen their discovery experience and recently announced some updates and also outlined what’s the on horizon. Let’s take a look at some of these features.


Features on Facebook and Instagram will vary depending on if you have a shop on each channel. If you don’t, you’ll want to strongly consider adding these online storefronts to showcase your products and collections. If you’re already on Shopify or other partner platforms, then you can import and sync directly into Facebook. You can even set up a “test” shop to see what the experience is like for your customers and prospects. Shops give you more visibility on Facebook and allow purchases right on the channel.

Product Tags

Product tags allow you to showcase your products in your post or ads. They are linked to products in your catalog. You can add numerous tags but you only should add up to three to ensure your image doesn’t become too crowded. When someone clicks on the product, they are taken to the product page in your Shop. Viewers can tell there are products tagged in the post or the ad when there is a little shopping bag icon in the bottom left of the image (see the third image below)….

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