Twitter Lets iOS Users Post Live Photos as GIFs

Twitter is rolling out a new feature to its iOS app, which lets users easily upload their live photos as GIFs.

This feature is exclusive to iOS because live photos are an Apple innovation. A “live” photo captures 1.5 seconds before and after the user taps the shutter button. That means it would turn into a 3-second GIF on Twitter.

If you have an iPhone 6S or above, you can ensure you’re taking a live photo by tapping the corresponding icon and looking for the yellow label that says “LIVE.”

Twitter Lets iOS Users Post Live Photos as GIFs

Turning a live photo into a GIF on Twitter is as easy as it sounds. Simply upload the photo as you normally would, then tap the “GIF” button and publish the tweet.

Improvements to Regular Photos

In related news, a Twitter engineer recently stated the platform has improved the way it processes regular photos. Twitter will preserve JPEG encoding, which means photos will be published without any significant loss in quality.

Twitter engineer Nolan O’Brien shared an example of a JPEG uploaded at 97% quality:

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