Twitter Lets Users Schedule Tweets in Advance

Twitter now offers its own method of scheduling tweets in advance, a feature that was once only available with third-party tools.

When using Twitter in a web browser, users will now see an option to schedule a tweet from the composer screen.

How to Schedule Tweets on

Tweets can be scheduled in a few simple steps.

First, compose your tweet. Then, instead of hitting send, click the calendar icon as shown below.

Twitter Lets Users Schedule Tweets in Advance

Twitter will give users the option to schedule tweets at any time up to 18 months in advance.

From the pop-up window you can specify the exact date and time down to the minute.

Twitter Lets Users Schedule Tweets in Advance

From this window you can also view a list of all scheduled tweets and make and adjustments if needed.

Again, this feature is only available on the browser-based version of Twitter. It’s not yet available on Twitter’s official mobile app.

Twitter’s mobile app updates are often more spread out, with a number of features added all at the same time.

That’s in contrast to the web based version of Twitter, which tends to have new features added more frequently.

I suspect with the next app update we’ll get scheduled tweets and other features exclusive to the web version of Twitter, such as saved searches.

In the meantime, you can visit Twitter on…

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