Trump revealed as the most muted word on Twitter

2020 has been anecdotally cited as one of the worst years for a long while – many people are expecting aliens to turn up at our doorstep to round it off.

With such an eventful 6 months behind us, we wanted to see whether recent events had impacted how we engage with social media and the online world.

After all, it is one of the main ways we connect with one another…or is it?

We surveyed 5,012 Americans to find out how the pandemic and other key 2020 events had affected society’s social media habits, and it turns out that six out of 10 (58%) Americans have sworn off social media. By that, we mean they have decided to significantly reduce their time on it because it is having a negative impact on their lives.

It looks as though a significant amount of Americans also won’t be returning to social media, with one in ten (13%) completely deactivating all of their accounts. On the contrary, a third of participants (34%) said that they would never be able to delete their social media accounts, with more than a quarter (27%) stating that social media was their main or only source of news.

When it comes to how we’re spending our time without social media, results show that Americans have mostly been exercising, reading, gaming and resting their minds with mindfulness and meditation instead – very healthy and wholesome!

It seems as though the jump up in mindfulness hasn’t helped everyone however, with two-fifths of…

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