Triaxes StereoTracer Photo enables users to convert pairs of stereo images into 3D pictures that can be viewed without special glasses.
Triaxes StereoTracer Photo supports multi-view rendering, but unlike Triaxes StereoTracer, it can also be used to automatically create a depth map using a pair of stereo pics.







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Triaxes StereoTracer Photo allows you to 3D view photos in a picture gallery. With this powerful and easy-to-use application you can create 3D photo tours and instant photo galleries by capturing and combining photos from your digital camera or from video camera. With the powerful and easy-to-use application, you can convert the stereo images of your digital camera into a 3D image gallery. You can create photo tours and instant 3D photo galleries by combining multiple photos of the same object or photo from your digital camera with the help of a 3D photo. The stereoviews can be viewed without the need of special glasses, the depth map can be used to automatically create the necessary gradient-filled backdrop for viewing the stereoviews. This application also supports 2D-3D photo editing. You can enhance the 3D effect by adding different lighting to the image and blur it to a different depth. Triaxes StereoTracer Photo is an easy-to-use 3D photo viewer and can be used for viewing the stereoviews in picture galleries.

Supported features
Triaxes StereoTracer Photo features include:
Automatically generate a depth map for the image gallery
View 3D images using a depth map or with the naked eyes
Supports 2D-3D photo editing
Show 3D stereoviews by a pair of images
Supports 3D animation for 3D photo tours
Supports multi-view rendering
Saves the created 3D photo tour to or.st2 format
Supports multi-file stereoviews
Supports color shift effect on the depth map
Supports multi-view effect
Supports 3D animation in photo gallery

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3D photography


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Triaxes StereoTracer Photo Crack For Windows

1.It is a software to make stereo pictures, which can be viewed with or without
2.Stereo pictures can be created by photo-stereoscopic pairs.
3.Stereo pictures can be viewed with or without glasses.
4.Stereo pictures can be converted to a 3D picture.
5.Stereo pictures can be converted to a depth map, which can be viewed without glasses.
6.Multi-view rendering can be used, but it is not supported.

Windows: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista

Linux: Red Hat / SUSE

Brief Introduction of stereo pictures:

Stereo pictures are created by stereo-imaging techniques, and stereo pictures are usually formed by several two dimensional images in a picture which have a small lateral distance between them.

Stereo pictures can be viewed with or without glasses.

A stereo picture is an image which contains information about a lateral distance.

Depth map is a map showing the depth of a certain object.

A 3D picture is one which contains depth information.

A stereo picture is converted to a depth map, and then it can be viewed as a 3D picture.

Brief Introduction of Multi-view rendering:

Multi-view rendering is a method to achieve the illusion of having one large scene from several vantage points.

It has been widely used in large-scale computer generated movies.

In multi-view rendering, different pictures are taken from different view points at different times and the information from the pictures is combined to produce an image which looks like a single scene from a single viewpoint.

How does Multi-view rendering work?
In order to show the illusion of having one large scene from several vantage points, it is necessary to calculate the distance from a certain object in the 3D world to the camera, and then the object appears in the image from a certain point of view in the virtual 3D space.

Therefore, we need to know three things to do the multi-view rendering:
1.The position of the camera in the virtual 3D space.
2.The depth information of the 3D object in the 3D world.
3.The position information of the 3D object in the real 3D space.

The pictures taken from different points of view are aligned in the virtual 3D space by using a mathematical

Triaxes StereoTracer Photo Crack

The image-to-depth mapping technique based on gradient field is used in the program. There are three keys to the program, which are:

What’s New in the Triaxes StereoTracer Photo?


Example usage:

StereoTracerOptions o = new StereoTracerOptions();
o.srcFolder = “c:\\photos”;
o.srcFolderLaserDepth = “c:\\photos\\laserDepth”;
o.renderFrame = 0;
o.flash = false;
o.quality = 5;
o.depthMap = false;
o.preView = false;
o.autoRecog = true;
o.recogCutoff = 0.3;
o.recogMode = 0;
o.laserMode = 0;
o.laserSafetyFactor = 0.5;
o.laserTolerance = 0.1;
o.recogMode = 0;
o.renderFrame = 0;
o.speed = 5;
o.scale = 1.0;
o.sceneMode = 0;
o.enableAlphaBlending = true;
o.sceneColor = 0.0;
o.cameraHeight = 0.4;
o.depth = 0.15;
o.gamma = 2.5;
o.nBitmap = -1;
o.threshold = 0.3;
o.displayAlgorithm = 1;
o.maxDisplayTime = 100;
o.maxDisplayTime = -1;
o.bShow = false;
o.bShowDistant = true;
o.bShowFloor = true;
o.bShowWall = false;
o.bShowSurface = false;
o.bShowRoom = false;
o.bShowCamera = false;
o.bShowScene = false;
o.bShowModel = false;
o.bShowAll = false;
o.bShowAllScene = false;
o.bShowAllModel = false;
o.bShowAllDistant = false;
o.bShowAllSurface = false;
o.bShowAllWall = false;
o.bShowAllCamera = false;
o.bShowAllRooms = false;
o.bShowAllRoom = false;
o.bShowAllModel = false;
o.bShowAllDistant = false;
o.bShowAllSurface = false;
o.bShowAllWall = false;
o.bShowAllCamera = false;
o.bShowAllRooms = false;
o.bShowAllCamera = false;
o.bShowAllRooms = false;
o.bShowAllDistant = false;
o.bShowAllWall = false;
o.bShowAllRoom = false;
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System Requirements For Triaxes StereoTracer Photo:

Note: The game requires a internet connection for patch/update notifications.
Minimum Requirements:
PC System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Dual Core 2GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Video Card
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible